Eden Diamond
Alto ’18
Eden Diamond is a junior from just outside of Boston, majoring in Global Health & the Environment with a minor in Psychology. When not at rehearsal, she enjoys preaching about women’s health and sex positivity as a Peer Health Educator (and working on her new campus publication, XMag – shameless plug), eating inordinate amounts of fruit, and playing outside – although she’s most often found in the  library. 
Tori Francis
Soprano ’18
Peter Sharpe
Baritone ’18
Drew Brost
Tenor ’18
Allie Hough
Soprano ’19
Jessie Thornton
Alto ’19
Nathan Wetter
Tenor ’19
Nadia Irvin
Alto ’20
Kate Wardenburg
Soprano ’20
Samara Lillioja
Alto ’20
Samara Lillioja is a freshman sopalto from Burr Ridge, IL studying Math and Psychology and maybe a few other things too or maybe neither because she hasn’t quite figured out her passions yet. When she’s not with Whispers, she often can’t be found at all because she’s alone in her room taking a nap (or on an adventure to John’s donuts). She spends most of her free time (this does not include nap time- that is strictly scheduled) on Whispers, whether that be musically or socially.
Ben Milan-Polisar
Bass ’20
Ben Milan-Polisar is a Sophomore from Westchester, NY, majoring in Psychology and Marketing with a minor in Drama. When not doing Whisper things, Ben can be found dancing with Wash U Dance Theater, eating inordinate amounts of goat cheese, seeing/listening to/talking about musical theatre, and most importantly, using all of these other activities to procrastinate and leave all of his work until the last possible moment. 
Donovan Duggins
Bass ’20
Donovan Duggins is a Sophomore from Wichita, KS double majoring in Mathematics/Economics and Educational Studies and minoring in Drama. He serves as a member of the 114th cohort of Lock and Chain Sophomore Honorary, the Campus Campaign Coordinator for Teach for America, a peer mentor for Redefining Community Experience (a Social Justice Leadership retreat), and a member of the track and field team, among other things. On the weekend, you probably will not be able to find Donovan, for he is either at work, at a meeting, or simply doing something else altogether in a different state.
Abby Téllez
Alto '21
Jens Damgaard
Tenor '21
Jens Tulio Damgaard is a Freshman from Eden Prairie, MN double majoring in Business and Music with a minor in the Business of Entertainment. Outside of Whispers, he is involved with the Performing Arts Department, most recently playing Senator Fipp in Urinetown the Musical. Catch him outside singing’ songs all day long or scoping out Paws ’n Go for “space food".
Jonathan Kacvinsky
Bass '21
Jonathan is a freshman from Cary, North Carolina, potentially majoring in Environmental Biology. Outside of the whispers Jonathan is a D3 club swimmer, slowest in his lane. He is also involved with Camp Kesem and goes to the “gym” to “workout”.
Michael Katz
Baritone '21
Noah Weisskopf
Tenor '21
Noah Weisskopf is a freshman from Newton, Massachusetts interested in Political Science and Philosophy. When he’s not in rehearsal you can find him sleeping, wishing he was at Mission Taco, or reading about and working on various political causes (sometimes all at the same time). If you see him in the DUC, he’s probably lost, so please point him in the direction of the 40.