Although we’ve been busy bopping around St. Louis and beyond, we’ve found time to throw some together some sweet albums. Take a listen – all albums have iTunes and Spotify links available!


Oasis (2018) | Purchase on iTunes | RARB Review

ICCA 2016: The Extended Cuts (2017) | Purchase on iTunes

  • “Elastic Heart” selected for Voices Only 2017 compilation

Wavelength (2015) | Purchase on iTunes | RARB Review

  • 5 CARA Nominations: Best Mixed Collegiate Album, Best Original Song (“Interlude”, composed by Jordan Ing, ’13), Best Mixed Group Soloist (“Crazy in Love” feat. Hannah Lacava, ’17), Best R&B Song (“There Goes My Baby”, arr. Cassie Parks, ’15), Best Mixed Group Arrangement (“Lights”, arr. Ethan McMahon, ’13)
  • “Crazy in Love” selected for Voices Only 2016 compilation
  • “Interlude” selected as a RARB Track of the Year

Page 9 (2012) | Purchase on iTunes | RARB Review

Behind Bars (2007) | Purchase on iTunes | RARB Review

Defrosted (2004) | Purchase on iTunesRARB Review

  • “Only In Dreams” selected for Voices Only 2005 compilation
  • “Only In Dreams” selected for Collegiate A Cappella Music Organization (CAMO) Top Shelf A Cappella Volume 1 compilation

Against the Grain (2002) | Purchase on iTunes | RARB Review

  • “St. Teresa” appears on Vibrant Voices: An Anthology of Washington University Student A Cappella Groups
  • “Rhythm Nation” selected for Best of College A Cappella 2002 compilation
  • “Uninvited” selected for Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Compilation 2002
  • “Uninvited” is Runner-Up for Best Mixed Collegiate Song at the 2002 Contemporary A Capella Recording Awards (CARA)

Vested Interest (2001) | Purchase on iTunes

Throw Your Pennies at Someone Else (2000) | Purchase on iTunesRARB Review

Don’t Tell My Parents (1998) | Purchase on iTunes | RARB Review

Three A.M. and Nowhere to Go (1997) | Purchase on iTunes

Watercolors (1996) | Purchase on iTunes