Current Repertoire

100% of the covers we perform are original arrangements written by Mosaic Whispers. If you’re interested in purchasing sheet music, please contact the group.

Ain’t it Fun

OPB: Paramore
Arr: Samara Lillioja
Solo: Victoria Francis



OPB: Fatai
Arr: Samara Lillioja
Solo: Nadia Irvin


Kill the Lights

OPB: Alex Newell, DJ Cassidy, Nile Rodgers
Arr: Hannah Lacava
Solo: Ben Milan-Polisar

Love So Soft

OPB: Kelly Clarkson
Arr: Parker Crist
Solo: Samara Lillioja


Miss Jackson

OPB: Panic! at the Disco
Arr: Nathan Wetter
Solo: Noah Weisskopf



OPB: X Ambassadors
Arr: Allie Hough
Solo: Michael Katz

Out of My Head

OPB: Begonia
Arr: Kate Wardenburg
Solo: Eden Diamond


Lay Me Down

OPB: Sam Smith
Arr: Samara Lillioja
Solo: Jessie Thornton/Abby Tellez


Sailor’s Prayer (Alumni Song)

OPB: Rod McDonald
Arr: Jon Krivitzky
Solo: N/A


Alma Mater (Washington University)

OPB: William Schuyler
Arr: N/A
Solo: N/A