Auditions FAQ

Auditions Logistics

When are auditions?

Audition dates aren’t set for the fall of 2021 yet, so make sure to follow our socials for updates!

After auditions, we will call back several people who we think would do well in the group, and notify each of them by email.

Where and when do I find out if I made it?

Callbacks will be listed outside Bear’s Den. In addition, we’ll email all people getting called back with a callback time and additional information.

After callbacks, how will we announce the new members?

We wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.  Stay tuned to find out!

Where do I sign up!?

Check back in late August on the sign-up page! You can also sign up at the All A Cappella Info Session (in August), during dorm-storming or any other performance/appearance, or at our tables in the DUC and Bear’s Den the week of auditions. You can also send an email to Will with your contact information and we can call or email you.

I signed up but I need to change my audition time!

No problem!  You can feel free to email us at any time to change your audition time.  You can also sign-up again on our website — just write down in the “more information” box that you’d like to switch your audition time to the new one that you choose.

Your Audition

What’s an audition like?

The audition is very laid back. We don’t just want to hear you sing, we also want to get to know you! Each audition is about 10 minutes long, but try to arrive a few minutes early so you have time to fill out some information for us. Each year is slightly different, but a standard audition will likely include warm-ups, scales, tonal memory, an optional sight-reading, and your solo!

  1. Sing a few scales to both help you warm up and to test your range
  2. Do a few tonal memory excercises, where we play notes on the keyboard and you sing them back to us
  3. Sing a verse and chorus of a song of your choice
  4. If you are a vocal percussionist/beatboxer, we’ll ask you to demonstrate.  We always need more vocal percussionists!
Wondering what to sing for your solo?

Like we said before, the audition is not only about hearing your voice but getting to know you as well! We encourage everyone to perform something they feel comfortable singing and that they love. Past members have sung music ranging from jazz and pop to musical theatre and everything in between.

  1. Pick something that fits your range well.  This will put you on your best vocal foot!  Knowing your range and vocal style is a big advantage in auditons.
  2. Don’t worry too much about picking a song you think we’ll like.  We want to hear a song that speaks to you!
  3. We like hearing new things, so don’t be afraid to pick something we’ve never heard!
What about a callback?

Callbacks sound scary, but it really just means we want another chance to hang out with you!  They are a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better AND for you to see what sets us apart.  If you are called back, we’d like you to prepare another part of any song that you think shows off your voice. We prefer that you sing a different song and genre of music than in your first audition, but if you’re a die-hard Lady Gaga fan, we’ll take a double-dose of your Bad Romance.  We’ll also do some more advanced musical exercises and sing a few of our arrangements with you to see how you blend with the group.  It’s a really fun time and being called back is one step closer to being part of the Whisper family.

But it’s so stressful!

Don’t worry!  We’ve all been there!  Just remember that you are entering a room full of people who want you to succeed. Messing up is normal in an audition, and we can see your talent even if you’re nervous.  None of us had perfect auditions, so you don’t have to either.

If you can see yourself in the group, so can we!

Have more questions?

Contact our Group Coordinator, Will, at, OR chat with any current Whisper! We’re happy to give you more details about the process at any time, and you can always ask us more questions in person. We’ll be out at tables in the DUC and BD with audition sign-ups, so stop on by!