Why Whispers?

Why Audition for the Whispers?

There are so many groups! What sets you apart?

We’re glad you asked:

From the moment you become a Mosaic Whisper, you are welcomed into a family of wonderful people.

Rehearsal isn’t a chore when you get to make music with some of your closest friends. We also love food and can be found squeezed into a booth anywhere that serves waffles at 2AM.  Post-rehearsal trips to Steak-N-Shake?  Random dinner runs to Seoul Taco or Corner 17? Sign us up! We also have the most amazing group of alumni who continue to attend our concerts (and take up the entire front 3 rows every year), suggest tons of songs for us, and support us in all of our personal endeavors. We recently threw a huge 25th anniversary celebration in Graham Chapel with 70 Whispers across every generation on stage singing our alumni song, “Sailors Prayer”! But, all of this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the fact that…


Our music brings us together.

We take our music seriously and are committed to devoting our time to polish it until perfection. After all, that’s a main reason we all joined the group in the first place: to make beautiful music. We love to sing arrangements with as many parts as we have people, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to grow musically, even if it means spending an hour on page 9 because we are that close to making the rhythms perfect, or coming to a gig early because we need to make sure those chords lock as well as they did in rehearsal. It sounds like a big commitment, but because of our hard work…


We have unforgettable experiences.

All of our hard work pays off when we’re offered incredible opportunities, like recording with Ben Foldsperforming in Disney Worldsinging on a Broadway stage at ICCA Finals, or making WashU a cappella history.  Plus, what could be better than spending a week with 15 of your closest friends visiting a group member’s hometown or chilling on the beaches of San Diego over Spring Break?  Ask any of our members and they will tell you that being part of the Mosaic Whispers is a defining, uncomparable, and irreplaceable part of their college experience.Not convinced yet? Come check us out! The best way to experience the Whispers is to see for yourself. Check out our music online or come hear us sing live, and don’t hesitate to sign up for an audition in August!