First Place, ICCA Midwest Quarterfinals

  • Best Arrangement — Samara Lillioja, “My Mind”
  • Best Soloist — Samara Lillioja, “My Mind”

ICCA Midwest Semifinals (competition cut short due to Covid-19 pandemic)


National A Cappella Convention Finalist

Student Life | “Mosaic Whispers become the first WU a cappella group to go to NACC


Oasis (11th studio album) released

Student Life | “Mosaic Whispers’ new album ‘Oasis’ impresses”


“Elastic Heart” (off ICCA 2016: The Extended Cuts) selected for Voices Only 2017 compilation

First Place, ICCA Midwest Quarterfinals

Student Life | “Four a cappella groups return to ICCAs, a fifth debuts”


25th anniversary celebrated at Splash of Color

The Source | Mosaic Whispers performs annual show, preps national finals

First Place, ICCA Midwest Quarterfinals

  • Best Arrangement — Katie Greenberg, “Elastic Heart”

First Place, ICCA Midwest Semifinals

ICCA Finalist

Mosaic Whispers headlines first ever Jazz At Holmes set featuring a cappella music (with Java Jived)

5 CARA nominations for Wavelength

  • Best Mixed Collegiate Album
  • Best Original Song (“Interlude”, composed by Jordan Ing, ’13, and Kara Ing)
  • Best Mixed Group Soloist (“Crazy in Love”, feat. Hannah Lacava, ’17)
  • Best R&B Song (“There Goes My Baby”, arr. Cassie Parks, ’15)
  • Best Mixed Group Arrangement (“Lights”, arr. Ethan McMahon, ’13)

“Interlude” (off Wavelength) selected for Voices Only 2016 compilation

Mosaic Whispers performs on CNN Live during the 2016 Presidential Debate on campus

2015      ICCA Midwest Quarterfinalist

Wavelength (10th studio album) released

Whispers performs at DisneyWorld in Orlando, FL

2014      ICCA Midwest Quarterfinalist

Whispers auditions for The Sing-Off


Whispers advances to the final-four in online competition to sing with Andy Grammer.


20th anniversary celebration at Splash of Color

Page 9 released


“Still Fighting It,” selected for Ben Folds Presents University A Cappella! The group records the track live with Ben Folds in St. Louis

Whispers performs again on a live broadcast of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews as Washington University hosts the Vice Presidential Debate.


“Be Here” (off Behind Bars) selected for Voices Only 2007 compilation.


15th anniversary celebration at  Splash of Color


“Only in Dreams” (off Defrosted) selected for Voices Only 2005 compilation

“Only in Dreams” (off Defrosted) selected for Collegiate A Cappella Music Organization (CAMO) Top Shelf A Cappella Volume 1 compilation.

ICCA Midwest Quarterfinalist, 2nd place


Whispers performs on a live broadcast of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews as Washington University hosts a Presidential Debate.


“St. Teresa” (off Against the Grain) appears on Vibrant Voices: An Anthology of Washington University Student A Cappella Groups.

Whispers performs at Washington University’s 150th Anniversary Sesquicentennial Gala.


“Rhythm Nation” (off Against the Grain) selected for Best of College A Cappella (BOCA) 2002 compilation.

“Uninvited” (off Against the Grain) selected for CARA Awards Compilation 2002 (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Association)

“Uninvited” (off Against the Grain) is Runner-Up, Best Mixed College Song at the CARA Awards, 2002 (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Association)

ICCA Midwest Quarterfinalist, 3rd Place


ICCA Midwest Semifinalist

  • Best Arrangement — Ethan Balis, “Uninvited”ICCA Midwest Quarterfinalist, First Place
  • Best Soloist — Jessica Elbert, “Uninvited”
  • Best Arrangement — Ethan Balis, “Rhythm Nation”
  • Best Overall Performance —  “Take Me to the River”10th anniversary celebrated at Splash of Color
  • Whispers releases Vested Interest: The First 10 Years of Mosaic Whispers.